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Mac Love Splash Toys

Project Liaison: Dante Anderson

We are continuing our long-standing partnership with Akron artist Mac Love! Recently we have repaired, replaced, and restored the splash toys that the team previously built. Now we are looking to the future for a long term project related to the splash toys and a continual design and retirement process for the toys, as well as a process to operate the toys at community events.

They are described as such: A set of mobile splash pad amenities that can be plugged into any fire hydrant and transform a green space into a free and cool play area. Art x Love developed the Splash Toys concept in collaboration with University of Akron engineers after completing a comprehensive study of Akron’s neighborhoods and interviewing thousands of resident. The goal of this project is to leverage affordable items to create unique water play experiences more accessible for more people across Akron

The latest updates:

We are looking to design more Splash Toys!

Current Members:

Dante Anderson 

Alexis Jordan

Clark Bates

Past Members:

Scott Salerno

Kristina Dyshko
Amanda O'Reilly

Callie Ruppen

Megan Swope

Sean Blake

Amy Gravenstein

Ben Colston

Dunia Jaffal

Rachael Drewes

Eboni Hall

Matthew Stang

Alyssa Hansen

Calvin Baumann

Monica Lacek

Carissa Thompson

Claudine Baguma

Eli Strohecker

Leah Baker 

Rae Brimm

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