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Akron Rotary Canoe Outrigger System

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Project Leader: Jillian Hilenski

Team Members:

Josh Beck

Kyle Cramer

Chris Ferguson

Amanda Jancewicz

Brett Purgason

Josh Weber

Members working on building outriggers in ASEC

August 2016 - May 2017

Project: To design a canoe for Akron's YMCA's Rotary Camp with a removable device to keep the canoe from tipping over in the water.

Finishd canoe delivery

The team met weekly, taking the project from initial reviews, to purchasing and building, to testing, and lastly, delivery of a final product. The brackets holding the canoe together were 3-D printed. The pototype design was tested several times in the University of Akron's ONAT pool. The finished outrigger was used by campers at the Rotary Camp during the summer.

Transporting the caoe across campus
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