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Toy Car Restoration

Project Liaisons: Jackson Piper & Garret Freund


Restore donated toy cars and give back to the community

Progress Update:

Toy cars have been repaired; wiring redone and batteries replaced. The team has also removed all cosemetic stickers on these toy cars in prep of re-painting.

Next Step:

Team will spray paint the (6) cars.

Team hopes to donate four complete cars in May 2023 to Akron Children's Hospital.

Toy Car -2.JPG
Toy Cars.PNG

Current Team Members:

Jackson Piper

Alex Swartzentruber

Alexis Jordan

Anthony Solari

Brendan Sliwoski

Brendan White

Bryce Zaborowski

Cecilia Mainzer

Clark Bates

Delia Fowler

Dante Anderson

Elizabeth Neff

Jasmeen Kaur

Kimberly Barlock

Lizzie Daniels

Lonnie Short

Makenzie Karabin

Natalie Hudson

Sierra Cleland

Zach Nopper

Past Team Members:
Ashton Orosa
Lindsey White
Dana Chapin
Drew Reinbolt
Erica Ferguson
Jacob Zingery
Soleil Piros

Clare Nicholas 

Leah Baker

Bre'lana White

Kyla Fitzgibbons


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