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Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio Wheel Cart 

Project Leader: Amanda O'Reilly

Project: ASPO tasked the Engineering Service Design Team (ESDT) with designing and building a cart for them that can store multiple wheels for their racing wheelchairs. The wheels come off the chairs for easier transportation between events. 

Current Team Members

Bailey Chaplin

Katie Howell

Andy Matta

Peter Miller

Brandon Powell

Designing the Prototype
ASPO Wheel Cart Stand
final stages of the prototype
ASPO whee cart prototypes being desgined
Final prototype for the Design
base for the ASPO prototype

Past Team Members

Jenna McNutt

 Alena Veigl

More in-depth : The group of ESDT members designed a portable storage device to organize and transport wheelchair wheels.  The team met once a week for the duration of the semester, taking the project from initial reviews, to purchasing and building, to testing and lastly, delivery of a final product.  The design considered space saving, ease of use, and durability, including a honeycomb design and space for 18 wheels.The finished wheel cart will be used to transport equipment to competition for ASPO’s basketball, rugby, and track wheelchair teams.

ESDT Wheel cart Team members
Brainstorming ideas for wheel cart
Wheel cart finished product
Katie and Bailey laying out the frame
Peter and Brandon preparing to weld
Visiting ASPO
A game of baketball with ASPO

Project Dates :  August 2016 - January 2018 

By : Amanda O’Reilly (Team Leader) (MechE), Bailey Chaplin (MechE), Katie Howell (BME), Brandon Powell (MechE), and Peter Miller (MechE), as well as members Alena Veigl (BME) and Jenna McNutt (BME) who helped with the initial stages of the design.

After delivering the final project, ESDT members got to play a game of basketball with folks at ASPO.

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