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Adaptive Sled Project

Project Liaison: Logan Springer


Develop a sled for disabled individuals to use in Lock 3 winter set up, by working with Summit County DD. The team will be working with professional engineers, Lock 3 Reps, and physical therapists in hopes to accomplish this goal. 

Progress Update:

Team attended Inculsioneers Event with sled and received additional ideas on how to improve. Team also successfully tested sled on ice.

Next Step:

Team has almost completed project, however, due to COVID there has been some delays 

Current Team Members:

Jillian Hilenski

Thomas Benenati

Kate Bischof

Jack Bradley

Roshini Chandran

Ricky Esker 

Maggie Clark

Bryce Mckenzie

Amanda Jancewicz

Cory Ramsey

Maddiy Schutt

Logan Segal

Adam Shuppe

Logan Springer

Rick Svetlak

Alex Swartzentruber

Past Team Members

Zack Broadbent

Richie Holben

Brett Purgason

Brady Speicher 

sled team.jpeg
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