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Parkinson Bike

Project Liaison: Lindsey White


Working in conjunction with the senior design project of several mechanical engineering seniors, this ESDT project seeks to adapt a bike for use by a gentleman with Parkinson. The team plans to stabilize and adapt the bike so that it is easier to ride.

Progress Update:

The team has a design to stabilize the bike and make usage easier. Stabilizer prototype has been added to the bike. Team has 3D printed a support to adjust handlebar higher. Team has removed brakes and chains in order to spray paint the bike.

Next Step:

Team will need to rewire brake lines and reattach chain. Stabilizer blocks need machining in order to be attached to the supports. 

Current Team Members:

Andrew Markja
Alex Swartzentruber
Andrew Pero
Jacob Zingery
Nicole Sena
Lindsey White

Jazmin Buenrostro

Past Team Members:

Keston Klimek

Michael Green

Sterling Roseberry

Shaye Tiell

Chris Tvaroch

Parkinson's Bike.PNG
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