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Want to Join the Team?


Here are your next steps to be part of this amazing community:

1. Message us! We are happy to answer any questions, and importantly start the membership process on our end if you reach out via email ( or dm on instagram.

2. Visit our RooConnect and Join the Team in order to receive emails about our next team meeting. You MUST have completed the hazing prevention training to join on RooConnect! Please contact us via our team email with any questions.

Rooconnect Link:

3a. If you have a sub-team in mind you want to join, reach out to the liaison to get more information on the team and when they meet.

3b. If you don't know which sub team you want to join yet, that alright! There will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about each sub-team and find out what it is you would like to do.

*More information about sub-teams can be found on the "Teams" page. Contact information for liaisons can be found on the "Contact Us" Page.

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